Posted on Friday, May 14, 2010 by Anuj Mehta

It's being said "Only thing that is constant is change". In past few months a lot had changed for me, some were good and some were really bad and I would really like to change those changes.

Good One

Marriage : Definitely one of the big change in recent times, but obviously one of the pleasant change especially when you get good life partner (Ya ya I know not all people are going to put this change under "good ones"....)

Mixed One

Movement from Bangalore to Noida : I moved 6 months back from Bangalore to Noida. I am happy as Noida near to my home and I can go to my hometown more frequently. But I still miss Bangalore. Bangalore weather is awesome, there are no power cuts. One thing that really attracts me is the number of user groups that it bangalore has. I strongly feel that its very important to attend meetings of such user groups as you get to interact some of the finest minds in the industry, learn new things from people. Though there are some user groups in Delhi NCR but they are not that active and also sometimes distance is a hurdle for attending few meets.

Bad One

Laziness : I had become really lethargic in past few months. Its been months since I had read any book, I don't blog, I don't actively code..the way I used to do.

Probably there is a desperate need for a its said "Only thing that is constant is change"

2 Responses to "Change":

Rohit says:

shadi ka laddu ;-)
congratulations !!! have a happy married life !!!

weather is bangalore is something you will miss in any other IT city in India; what with the cool breeze that we have in the evening even in May :)

BTW laziness is not bad. I consider it an art form that only a few have mastered. I being one of them. welcome to the community :-D

Anuj Mehta says:

Thanks Rohit. No dude I hate being lazy and I hope I soon leave this community :)