Chetan Bhagat's 2 states - a lackluster

Posted on Tuesday, November 03, 2009 by Anuj Mehta

Recently I came to know about the new novel by Chetan Bhagat named 2 states. I was really eager about this book as I liked his previous two books namely 5 point someone and One night @ call center. So yesterday I went to Landmark with the intent of buying the book, in the book shop I managed to get an empty seat hence couldn't resist myself from reading the book there itself, when I started reading the book initially it seems to be a normal story; there was nothing great in it, but I told myself "be patient and keep reading" but once reached the half way through i.e. some 100 odd pages I told myself enough is enough, this is a crap novel and any further reading is complete wastage of time. 2 states seems to be sequel of 5 point some one, where the Hari of 5 point someone becomes Krish and enters the hallowed portals of IIM Ahemdabad to find his love Ananya, this time she is his classmate instead of professor's daughter and then a normal love story. He is a Punjabi and she is a Tamil Brahmin and their parents are against the inter-caste marriage.

The thing that I used to like about Chetan's novels were the way he portrays the innocent love stories, combined with his witty one liners. But this book falls short of these, there is absolutely no humor and its a boring love story devoid of any adventure. Probably it's time that Chetan comes out of his comfort zone (of amataeur love stories) and try out something new!

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Anonymous says:

He is losing his touch. Or may be he never had any!?

Anuj Mehta says:


Thanks for your comments.
I think he just need to come out of cocoon and try out something different.

Navaneeth says:

Boss. You have not even read the book well. Ananya is a different girl. He falls in love with ananya after he falls in love with the professor's girl. Dont just comment on a book before you finish it and untill u understand everything in it. Its a book that tells the real difficulties in intercaste love marriages. Might be not difficulties. But the mindset of elderly people. The way the story has been told is really great. So dont comment untill u read it completely and untill u understand the story clearly(IMPORTANT)

Anuj Mehta says:


Thanks for your comments. Yes I have read only half the book as couldn't stand it further and I also know that the protaganist Krish falls in love with Ananya after professor's girl and that's why I had mentioned that this book is a sequel to "Five point someone".

The book is a complete lackluster so why should I read it till end :)

I do know it depicts the hardships faced by the couple due to intercaste marriage but personally I didn't like the book

Dhyani says:

Hi Anuj,

I do not completely agree with your views.. I have read the complete novel. I would definately say that the story doesn't have anything gr8 but I have to admit the way Chetan has described the two different cultures (Which you missed as its after 100 pages i suppose:)) is simply superb..
I could actually visualise a typical South Indian household while reading abt Ananya's family and same in the case of Krrish's family..


Anuj Mehta says:


Thanks for your comments. Probably I do missed the second half of the book but after completing first half I just don't feel like reading further :)

Probably I may read the book in near future in my free time (which is hard to get)

Neha Singh says:

I second Aparna's view. The manner in which Chetan Bhagat has narrated the entire story keeps u hooked till the end. His power of observation is commendable given the fact that he brought out the differences between the two cultures so beautifully and describes all the things that actually take place in Indian weddings. At times one could visualize the entire scenario so well, thanks to his effective writing....All in all, 2 states is a nice blend of humor, drama and romance.

A must read would say

:) Neha Singh.

Anuj Mehta says:


Thanks for your comments. Obviously different people have different views about the book and I really value your side of view that you really liked the book but I somehow I felt the book is written in a very normal way. After reading Chetan's books I had a very high expectations from him but unfortunately he couldn't meet then.

jayaraj says:


I totally agree with you that Bhagat's tells his story in a unique style where there is innocence combined with humor.

Anuj Mehta says:


Thanks for your comments