Leaving Wipro and Bengaluru

Posted on Monday, October 26, 2009 by Anuj Mehta

Leaving Wipro is definitely one of the toughest decision in recent times, the same was true while joining also :). During college I had offers from VMWare, GE and Wipro, with the package of Wipro being the least and I still joined it. It has been roller coaster ride at Wipro, in past 4 years I had my share of both the best and worst days; be it having fun with colleagues, spending long time over the pool side in EC chatting with friends or working till late nights and over the weekends. Overall its been a good experience and I am going as a satisfied man. There are number of things that I really like about Wipro but the thing that I really like is its knowledge centricity.

Knowledge centric organization

Knowledge is at the core of Wipro. There is very high focus on the continuous knowledge up-gradation. Wipro library is simply awesome, the collection of books is incredible be it technical, general management or some serious management books. I was really happy with the number of books that I have read here. I know not many companies in India invest so much in books as Wipro does. Also the sort of trainings that we have be it from Wipro employees or from other companies is really good. I still remember when I attended a session on Cloud Computing by an evangelist from Amazon in 2007. Cloud computing became hot in 2008 and Wipro was way ahead in it. Once I attended a training on Social computing and Semantic Web I was really amazed with the presenters, the sort of research that they had done in this field. Before attending the training I thought I had very good knowledge about the topic and during training came to know that it just the tip of iceberg and I need to spend lot of time probably years to reach the level of expertise that these presenters have.

Some bangalore buddies whom I really going to miss

Ravi, Kushal, Santosh and me (Left to right)

2 Responses to "Leaving Wipro and Bengaluru":

rohit says:

so finally .....where r u going now?

BTW I went to Ajmer when i went home for diwali...didnt know u wud b thr :)

Anuj Mehta says:

Joining Samsung, Noida.

BTW my last is 4th Nov. Will meet u soon...please send a test mail to me at mehta.rulz@gmail.com