NetBeans sucks!!

Posted on Wednesday, September 24, 2008 by Anuj Mehta

Being a java developer I am big fan of Eclipse. Its really simple to use, there are lot of pluggins available though it hogs bit more memory. Last year Sun made lot of fuss about NetBeans as the "Best IDE of world", "The only IDE you need" and all crap marketing techniques. Hence I thought of evaluating it. Of all what I have explored things that i like is that it has integrated Database, Glassfish. Creating JavaEE applications is very easy and quick on NetBeans. I have never tried these on Eclipse but still I find Netbeans nice in these cases.

But one thing which I hate in NetBeans is it hogs your system resources. It unnecessary steals lot of CPU cycles even for small tasks like whenever it pops up a file selector dialog and before you could select a file your system is hung. My laptop has 1 GB RAM and sometimes it becomes difficult for me to work on NetBeans even though it is the only application that I have opened. Hopefully things will improve in subsequent releases but right now it sucks!!

2 Responses to "NetBeans sucks!!":

Anonymous says:

I have 2GB RAM and a Core2Duo 2Ghz, and NetBeans just crawls.

Anuj Mehta says:

Take new version of Netbeans say 6.7.1 I do see improved performance in it. Also in general people download Netbeans which has all features even though they are working lets say only on Core Java, in that case take only the IDE that supports only Java and you will see marked improvement in its performance