Is this teamwork??

Posted on Wednesday, June 25, 2008 by Anuj Mehta

According to Word web dictionary ‘teamwork’ is defined as “Cooperative work done by a team (especially when it is effective)”. Very true I really believe in team work. I think a team can do wonders. We should help others whenever required. India’s 2020 World Cup win was a fine example of great team work. But here I am not going to discuss advantages of teamwork; probably there are already millions of nice articles written on benefits of team work.

In my three year stint in Wipro somehow I feel team work is commonly abused term. I have seen lot of deadwoods in the projects where I had worked. These people just can’t do any hard work; they will find all the reasons of not doing work. Finally due to project deliverables pressure the lead/manager of the team will call a meeting and ask someone who is technically good to help these guys. Hence this techie will be forced to spoon feed them or he may even end up doing their task just for the same of so called “team work”. Is this a team work?? Definitely not.

So what’s the solution?? Even I am still finding it. Do let me know your views on this.


Anonymous says:

These type of guys give us a chance to be called "Technically good guys.
ha ha