Am i unlucky??

Posted on Wednesday, June 25, 2008 by Anuj Mehta

I thought of writing this article a month back but due to my laziness I keep procrastinate it. This article is about being lucky or unlucky. We always consider ourselves unlucky and blame our luck for all failures. But I think there is no bad luck or good luck, it’s your perseverance that matters.

From my childhood I never got anything by luck, even for simple things I used to struggle. I used to toil for hours to achieve something which others can get with minimal effort. Sometimes I used to think
“Dude, I am the most unlucky one. Will lady luck ever smile on me?? Probably never”

But in spite of all this I never stopped working hard. My mantra was
“Never, never say die”.
No matter how many times I may fail I never stopped trying. I had failed so many times in my efforts that now it don’t even matter for me whether I succeed or failed. But last month it so happened that finally Lady Luck did smiled on me.

It all started as a normal week for me. Monday, Tuesday went just like that, as usual I worked for long hours and reached home tired with pains in my eyes. On Wednesday for a change I came bit early from office and read an article in Opportunities magazine section of THE HINDU (It was for the first time that I read an article in Opportunities section as normally I used to look out for job opportunities only). Here is the link to article
Perceive possibilities, turn them into opportunities Perceive possibilities...

It was a nice and inspiring article on turning possibilities into opportunities. I completely agree with the article “Lady Luck smiles only on those who do hard work”. I was really impressed with the article. I was going a rough patch for past few years; in spite of all efforts I couldn’t do any great thing. I started thinking on finding “Opportunity in adversity”. Fortunately I got opportunity next day morning; in fact I got two great opportunities back to back (No it’s not related to any onsite opportunity…I don’t measure success with money). Same day in evening I got one more big success. I was on cloud nine. Same thing continue on Friday also and I became a hero overnight, I was ecstatic. My life was completely changed in just two days. Later that day I started thinking about things that had happened. Truly speaking I did nothing special in those days. Was I was simply lucky? I was but confused but was sure of one thing ‘behind all these my hard is the real reason’

The lesson which I learnt from this episode was
“No matter how many times you may fail, no matter what other people may think of yourself, never loose your self confidence. Keep faith in yourself, you are the

To end I would like to quote few lines from a poem of Emily Dickinson

Luck is not chance --
Luck is not chance --
It's Toil --
Fortune's expensive smile
Is earned --
The Father of the Mine
Is that old-fashioned Coin
We spurned --

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