Trip to makedatu

Posted on Tuesday, April 21, 2009 by Anuj Mehta

Long long ago Anuj Mehta (that’s me) went for an outing. Well it's a bit of exaggeration but it seems to be that it’s been ages since last I stepped out of Bangalore for an outing. Last time when I went for an outing was 1 year back in March ’08. But still in past 1 year I was too busy shuttling between offices (thanks to ProCurve as this is my 3rd office in a span of 1 year and I never felt need for exploring out of city). So finally on the historic day i.e. 17th April I along with my team went out for an outing to Makedatu situated some 90 km from Bangalore. So we all; a group of 14 enthusiasts started at around 9:00 in morning towards Makedatu. On the way to Makedatu first we started playing Antakashari; it was real fun especially the choice of songs was really nice be it the good old "Noori Noori" or "Ring Ring Ringa" of Slumdog.

Later we started playing Dumb Charades and finally in around 2 hours we reached our destination i.e. Makedatu. Makedatu stands for (Make = sheep) and (datu = jump) i.e. a place where a sheep jumps from one side of valley to other (this is what my colleagues told me and I am more interested in eating that sheep rather than let it jump:) ). Ok lets leave the sheep and lets come back to Makedatu…so finally we reached the place. The place that we reached is actually known as Sangam where 2 tributaries of Kaveri meets (not sure whether it is correct as all that matters to me is that I want to enjoy in water), we now crossed the sangam and reached the other side from where Makedatu is some 4 km far. There is no proper road for these 4 km. We took a rickety bus for reaching Makedatu…look below the pic of the bus and travel in it at your own risk as it can crumble any time

Myself and Pradeep in THE bus

So finally we reached makedatu but to my dismay we couldn’t find any safe place to take bath and we decided to take bath back in Sangam. Here are some pics of Makedatu where sheep has once jumped

Don’t tell me the sheep has jumped from one side of lake to other? It had to be Godzilla

So finally after some mountain climbing and some photography we set out to come back to sangam and I was really hungry by now. But our return journey was even more adventurous than the clunky bus in which we reached here. Now instead of bus there was Jeep waiting for us, somehow some 9-10 people were squeezed inside it with 2 people standing out in back of jeep and the drivers kid was sitting on the bonnet of jeep.

Looks great na!!

Finally we reached back to sangam and the adventurous ride has exponentially increased my hunger. So we all had our lunch (thanks to Ladoos for making nice parathans and vegetables). After lunch we headed towards the sangam for having some fun (of which I had been deprived till now). Here are some pics

That's me

My team playing games in water.

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