Movies watched in last few weeks

Posted on Wednesday, April 15, 2009 by Anuj Mehta

In last few weeks I saw a number of movies, some of which were nice but some were really horrible, but I shameless killed my time by watching even those crap movies. Here goes the list of those movies

It's a wonderful life

This is a timeless movie, even though it was released way beck in 1946 but the message is still true "It's a wonderful life". It's a story of George Bailey who from his childhood wants to go out and visit, explore other countries, wants to do big things in life like building skyscrapers, bridges etc. but fate has something else in store for him and due to some unavoidable circumstances he is not able to leave his city and had to continue working in his father's place. Hence he considers himself one of the unluckiest guy. Later he finds himself in a real mess and tries to suicide but is saved by an angel who changes his life.
This is a must watch for everyone especially software engineers like me who from their childhood are dreaming about going onsite but are not able to go.


One more solid performance by Kay Kay Menon. He is simply the best. This movie is set in my home state the one and only Rajasthan. It's a story of a secessionist group who wants to separate from indian government and wants to form their own independent state called Rajputana. Kay Kay Menon is the secretary of this group. This movies shows the dark side of college politics and ragging (here juniors are not the only one who gets ragged, even the teachers are badly affected by it). Kay Kay Menon drives the college politics to meet his ends. The story revolves around a new simple stupid student who joins college to study but unfortunately gets dragged into dirty college politics and in turn spoil his life. Apart from impeccable acting of Menon I also liked the way they show the mix of religious, traditional and modern rajasthan, this is truly commendable and I am sure all rajasthani's will notice it. This one is also a must watch for everyone.


13B is a thriller. The movie is just OK and can be watched once. This is story of a family which shifts to a new flat (whose address is 13B) and finds themselves in a mess. The ghosts has controlled the TV and they show their own version of a serial (it may sound funny but you won't feel while watching the movie). Through this serial the ghosts tell their story about how they all were killed and they want to take the revenge with the killer.


A totally crap movie. This is a story of Pinu Patel (Vinay Pathak) who is confused whether is should get along with a guy or a gal. Don't even try to watch this movie.

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