Google calendar

Posted on Wednesday, March 18, 2009 by Anuj Mehta

Very often it happens that I register for some event like a BOJUG meet. The event is supposed to happen after 2-3 weeks and by the time the day for event comes I just forget about it, also many times it happens that one of my friends birthday is on weekend and since I don't have internet connection in my home and hence I can't access Orkut where I see birthday reminders so I forget to wish some of my friends (and sometimes parties also).

You see I was in terrible position but Google Calendar came to my rescue. It has set of nice features but the best thing that I like is I can get notifications/reminders through SMS which comes handy when you don't have internet access. Now I have added all the events that I wish to attend in the calendar, through Orkut I have added birthday's of all my friends to calendar and I get notification through SMS about the events and birthday's.

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