WebApp for Identity search: first look

Posted on Thursday, February 19, 2009 by Anuj Mehta

For past few days I was working on a Web Application for identity search from internet. The application returns details of a person like his educational background, professional experience, some of his URL’s like his blog, his company site etc. This is a Ruby on Rails based application and I am using Yahoo BOSS API for doing internet search and a Web service called WebThumb for taking snapshots of websites.

As you see in the below image the person enters his information like Name, organization and location.

Now I do processing of the details and display the information of the person. I am taking live snapshot of the websites. The first website below is my blog and other one is company site which is still getting loaded. The users can click on these images to go the website.

The first look is pretty bad as the GUI sucks. Hopefully soon I will be able to make GUI Rich and get more details of a person by covering more sites from internet.

2 Responses to "WebApp for Identity search: first look":

rohit says:

this is cool...u r getting thr :)

Anuj Mehta says:

Thanks dude...