Rab ne bana di jodi

Posted on Tuesday, December 30, 2008 by Anuj Mehta

This one is complete entertainer. If you feel exhaustive for past few weeks maybe due to your work, or due to some emotional or personal reasons or whatever, here is the movie for you. Plot of the movie is nothing great as usual under some dramatic conditions (which we had already seen thousand of times earlier in Bollywood movies) a young charismatic girl Taani(Anushka Sharma) marries a bit old, stupid and boring guy Surinder (Shah Rukh Khan). As expected the girl is unhappy with the guy, one day she saw there is a training camp for dance which will be followed by a dance competition and the winner will be declared as Dancing Jodi. She joins that training camp and meets a guy (this guy is his husband but he changes his outfit and appearance so as to look young and make the gal happy) with whom she falls in love and finally they won the competition and become the dance Jodi.
The story is nothing great but it’s all SRK show. The maestro does it once again. The way he acts as a simple stupid person is awe-inspiring. His acting is impeccable filled with sublime emotion. I really admire his dedication towards his work.

Anushka is gorgeous. This was her first movie but she has certainly stolen my heart. Just like SRK in the film I will also repeat the same dialogue “Kal maine usse pahli baar dekha aur usse dekhte hi love ho gaya

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