2008 - a satisfying year

Posted on Wednesday, December 31, 2008 by Anuj Mehta

I am not one of those who is easily satisfied with oneself, I expect a lot from myself (unfortunately I am never able to achieve even half of my goals). But I was really satisfied indeed happy with the way things went on this year. In the February I came with a good idea and I implemented a Proof-Of-Concept for the same, it was a simple idea but good enough to draw attention of my seniors. I was just on the verge of filing a patent on this but stopped at the last moment when I came across a very similar patent filed by CISCO guys in 2007, our theory was same even though my implementation is was completely different and much better (this is obvious) than theirs. Also this year finally I got some appreciation of my work (this happened for the first time in past 3.5 years:) ).

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