There is a way to be good again

Posted on Wednesday, November 19, 2008 by Anuj Mehta

Past 3 days were very emotional for me as

1. I was reading "Kite Runner" by Khalid Hosseini.
2. Yet another BAD appraisal.

I am used to such appraisal's hence I stopped worrying about. But I am still worrying about Hasan and Amir, on whom the "Kite Runner" is based. Phew what a book, it's one of those rare books that touches your soul and leaves a long lasting imprint on your mind. It's an emotional story of two friends (Amir and Hasan) based in Afghanistan, they grow up together and later due to some circumstances their lives takes different path. There is war on Afghanistan and Amir settles in America while Hasan stays in Afghanistan. During their childhood days Amir did some mistakes because of which Hasan suffers, but later he gets a way to be good again. Thus the central theme of this book "There is a way to be good again".

PS: Yesterday a friend of mine Rohit told me that he can't write comments on my blog as I blocked anonymous people for writing comments. I was really glad that some people are reading my blog. I will remove the restrictions and please do write your valuable comments.

4 Responses to "There is a way to be good again":

Nitin says:

The Kite Runner is absolutely beautiful, and a story each one of us can relate to.

'There is a way to be good again' gives us hope and a reason to feel happy.

Anuj Mehta says:

Hi Nitin

Thanks for your comments. This is one of my personal favorite book

Dhyani says:

I have read this book too.. I cannot define how much I was touced. The feeling of love, loyalty, humanity and patriotism are beautifully portrayed in this book. I truely admired Hasan in the book and the end is beautiful..

The secod book written by Khalid Hosseini "A Thousand Splendid Suns" is also a must read.. I could visualize myself in the dusty land of Afganistan. The description by the author is simply superb


Anuj Mehta says:


Thanks for your comments. Even I felt this is one of best book that I have ever read, the story is really and I was just on the verge of crying while reading the first half