Memoirs of college life

Posted on Saturday, February 02, 2008 by Anuj Mehta

It’s been more than 2 and half years since I left my college.
Truly speaking I couldn’t do much significant in these years though I never wasted my time and was busy as bee.
Toady while working in office (it’s Saturday today) there was something which really disturbed me (or rather I should say distracted me from my work he he.. this is what I call the classical Anuj Mehta). Actually one of my colleagues had a breakup with his girl friend. The girl went with another guy. So just like all the ashiq’s my colleague was very disheartened and I tried to console him.

Now what connection does it had with my remembering of my college?? Well there is.
In past 2.5 years the only thing that I did was struggle. Struggle with CAT preparation, with work and end result was disaster in both.
I was badly screwed in CAT and it was supplemented by bad appraisals. I was busy studying, reading more and more, working as hard as I could but to my dismay nothing worked for me. In all this chaos I think I forgot about one thing girls.
Though truly speaking I never had a girl friend (My colleagues and college friends no me better, no girl can tolerate my boring talks for more than 15 minutes especially when I am interested more in Hitler and philosophical discussions). But in college it was bit different. I ran behind few girls, innumerable crushes (sometimes on lecturers also).

So now is the time to get back to form and start running behind girls once again.
So all the guys having girl friends be sacred of me. You may soon loose your girl to me ;)

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