Books read in 2007

Posted on Wednesday, December 26, 2007 by Anuj Mehta

Here comes the end of 2007. This is most exiting time for me as every year I do introspection, set goals for next year (though most of them are never achieved :-)

I think the only good thing that happened for me last year was that I started reading more books compared to previous years. So here goes the list of books which i have read in 2007

1. World is Flat By Thomas L Friedman
2. Count your chickens before they hatch By Arindham Chaudhary
3. It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life By Lance Armstrong
4. The story of My Experiments with Truth By Mahatma Gandhi
5. Wicked Women of the Raj
6. A short stories book
7. Five Point Someone By Chetan Bhagat
8. A brief history of time By Stephen Hawking
9. Bangalore Tiger By Steve Hamm
10.Fountainhead By Ayn Rand
11. Hitler: A study in tyranny By Alan Bullock
12. The Road Ahead By Bill Gates
13. The Zahir By Paulo Coelho

Of these 13 books, the book that really impressed me was "Hitler: A study in tyranny". Simple awesome. Hats off to Hitler. According to me he was greatest person of last century.

Target of 2008:- Atleast 24 books on diverse topics from economics to politics to religion.

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